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Bird Deterrents and Control

Bird Deterrents and Control
Seagulls - Herring Gull

  • The most common of the Seagulls.

  • Found on the coast as well as inland, a favourite around rubbish tips, fields, resevoirs and lakes.

  • They have light grey backs, pink legs and a red spot on their beak.

  • Breeding season is April-August.

  • Seagulls will return time and time again to the same breeding site and can become very aggressive at this time of the year, protecting their young. They are now a protected species, so any control methods must be in place before the breeding season begins.

  • Pigeons

  • Often known as flying rats, this is the most common urban pest bird.

  • You will find the feral pigeon living in towns and cities, particularly wherer shelter is available during winter months.

  • Their guano (bird mess) can tramsit many diseases including menegitis and ornithosis, so clearance of it should be handled with care and the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment.)

  • Breeding is normally between March-July although they can breed all year round.

  • Starlings

  • The most common garden bird, also a common pest! They gather in large numbers for night roostings, creating a large amount of noise.

  • Breeding usually takes place around mid-April, but large numbers are found in autumn when they return to spend the winter here.

  • Sparrows

  • A common pest amongst the food industry where they populate warehouses and retail premesis resulting in expensive damage!

  • They breed between April-August are among one of the smaller pest birds. This can make it harder to proof against as they can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces.

  • Control Methods

  • Control methods of all pest birds is similar, although needs to be adapted to the environment in question. Netting is the most effective method, however spikes, scarers and repellent gels can also prove just as sucessful.

  • Whilst these are just a selection of pest birds found in the UK, there are many others including magpies, crows and geese. Further information on these products can be found on
  • Bird Control

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