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Product Details

Goose Chase Super Sonic

Birds > Audible Deterrents
Our Price: from 479.99 (399.99 ex vat)
Please choose an option:
One Speaker System - 1 acre coverage
code: ACO-016

479.99 (399.99 ex vat)
Three Speaker System - 3 acre coverage
code: ACO-017

599.99 (499.99 ex vat)
Five Speaker System - 6 acre coverage
code: ACO-018

779.99 (649.99 ex vat)
Where to Use

Marine, commercial, farms, fields, gardens, golf courses, parks.

How it Works

Distress and predator calls of Canada Geese are broadcasted for two minutes every ten minutes to scare them from large open spaces.

Daylight sensor will ensure the system does not prove to be a nuisance switching off at night if required.

LCD Screen enables the unit to be programmed as desired with full volume control.


1 Speaker System - Up to 1 Acre
3 Speaker System - Up to 3 Acres
5 Speaker System - Up to 6 Acres

How to Install

Mount the unit up as high as possible, ensuring the threat is coming from above the birds.

Mounting is provided within the casing of the system.

Mains Adaptor is provided with a 15m lead.

Each remote speaker provided with the 3 speaker and 5 speaker system comes with 30m cable.

The system is fully waterproof.
Where to use Goose Chase Super Sonic
For Use in the Kitchen For Use in the Garden For Use in the Warehouse For Use in the Office
For Use in the Garage For Use in the Shed For Use in the Greenhouse For Use in the House
How to use Goose Chase Super Sonic
Apply with a Sprayer Apply with a Fogger Ready to Use Apply with a Paint Brush Gel Applicator
Further Information:
Unit Dimensions 11 x 27.2 x 150cm
Remote Speaker Dimensions 9 x 10 x 15cm
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