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Fox Deterrents

Fox Deterrents

  • Approximately 112cm long (its tail is a third of this).

  • Dog-like appearance with a pointed muzzle and bushy, white-tipped tail.

  • A reddish-brown coat, lower legs and backs of ears are black.

  • About foxes

  • The red fox, as described above, is the most common in Britain.

  • They live anywhere from towns and cities, to gardens and farms.

  • They are mostly active at night where they forage for available food. They will kill small animals, especially voles and rabbits. They will also scavenge for leftovers.

  • Their avergae life span is between 18 months to 2 years.

  • Breeding

  • They breed once a year with mating occurring in January and early February.

  • A litter of 4-5 cubs are born in March or April.

  • Young foxes will leave the home territory around Octoboer-November.

  • Control Methods

  • Humane Traps

  • Ultrasonic Repellers

  • Taste Repellent Granules

  • Fox Deterrent and Control

    4 products
    Fox & Wildlife Trap
    Fox & Wildlife Trap
    215.99 (179.99 ex vat)
    More information on Fox & Wildlife Trap Add Fox & Wildlife Trap to your basket
    Mega Sonic Fox Repeller
    Mega Sonic Fox Repeller
    59.99 (49.99 ex vat)
    More information on Mega Sonic Fox Repeller Add Mega Sonic Fox Repeller to your basket
    Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper
    Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper
    10.79 (8.99 ex vat)
    More information on Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper Add Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper to your basket
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