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Mole Deterrents and Traps

Mole Deterrents and Traps

  • Approximately 20cm in length (including the tail).

  • Smooth dark fur.

  • About the Mole

  • Moles live almost exclusively undergroung, although they can move above ground and also swim!

  • They build tunnels underground which they use as a trap for worms and other invertebrates to fall into.

  • They have very poor eye sight and rely on vibrations to source food.

  • Breeding

  • Moles are very solitary and will only come together to mate.

  • They will usually have just 1 litter a year consisting of up to 7 young.

  • The young leave the nest after about 5 weeks.

  • Control methods

  • Traditionally the use of Aluminium Phosphide (a gassing compound) is used, normally by a professional.

  • Traps are also a very effective method.
  • Mole Deterrents and Control

    4 products
    Advanced Solar Mole Repeller
    Advanced Solar Mole Repeller
    20.39 (16.99 ex vat)
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    Mega Sonic Mole Repeller
    Mega Sonic Mole Repeller
    19.19 (15.99 ex vat)
    More information on Mega Sonic Mole Repeller Add Mega Sonic Mole Repeller to your basket
    Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper
    Prickle Strip- Dig Stopper
    10.79 (8.99 ex vat)
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    Mole Traps
    Mole Traps
    3.34 (2.78 ex vat)
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